Our Region

The community of the Burdekin Shire is centred on the rich farming land of the Burdekin Delta. The principal towns are the twin towns of Ayr and Home Hill, with smaller centres of Brandon, Giru, Jerona, Alva, Wunjunga, Clare, Millaroo and Dalbeg.

The Burdekin is the largest sugar cane producing area in Australia and boasts the nation’s largest water development project – the mighty Burdekin Dam, which is capable of supplying more than 1 million megalitres of water each average year to the Lower Burdekin area.

A combination of favourable climatic factors, fertile, well drained soils and a plentiful supply of irrigation water has also resulted in the establishment of the Burdekin’s multi-million dollar small crops industry, with crops grown including capsicums, beans, melons, pumpkins, tomatoes, eggplants and mangoes.

The Shire is further complemented by a variety of educational, health and sporting resources. The State Government recently constructed a new $12 million hospital for the area. Culturally, the Shire is home to the Burdekin Theatre, a well recognised cultural venue in Queensland, the Burdekin Memorial Hall, a modern well-equipped Library and active local arts and cultural associations. After hours, the Shire offers fabulous restaurants and night time entertainment for all ages.

The Burdekin Shire Council retains its progressive and innovative attitude to development. Current growth prospects are centred on value adding to the sugar industry, crop diversification and expansion of the area’s aquaculture operations.

The completion of a $3 million joint State Government and Council project has seen the town centre of Ayr dramatically revitalised through tree plantings, street furniture and vibrant public art works. In Home Hill, the project has resulted in the building of a Comfort Stop, with parking amenities, barbecues and art works for the enjoyment of locals.