Our School


Burdekin Christian College commenced in 1982.  We are situated at the corner of Melbourne and Chippendale Streets.  Because of the availability of underground water its grounds are always green.  Our College is a member of Independent Schools Qld and Christian Schools Australia Queensland and has both a school and an early learning child care centre.


At the Burdekin Christian College we recognise that learning involves students, parents and teachers and we aim to provide the support needed to families so that this takes place. We also work with families to support them in reinforcing Biblical values, morals, discipline and standards of conduct.


We realise that through education children are being prepared to be responsible and positive contributors to society and we also ensure that this is achieved by providing individual attention and personal care.   We recognise that we can assist each child to prepare them to contribute to their family and their community and we endeavour to do this through academic success and spiritual, social, mental and physical blessing.

0High School


The Burdekin Christian College has 220 students in classes from Prep to Year 9, with an additional 30 students in our Early Learning Centre.

In addition to our classroom  teachers we employ a learning support teacher, physical education teacher, music and instrumental teacher, a teacher librarian and a number of teaching assistants.